HAMSA festival


Kailash Kokopelli

is an amazing teacher of sound medicine, chi movements, chocolate alchemy, medicinal plants and communication with nature (spirit(s)) besides that he is an expert
Sound-therapist, multi-instrumentalist, world musician, poet, composer, writer, humanitarian artist, founder & teacher of KACHIMO Kailash Chi Movements, photographer, cross-cultural bridge-maker/spokesperson and ceremonial guide.

- Sound Massage and Sound Healing sessions for groups and individuals

- Education and teaching of KACHIMO Kailash Chi Movements and Sound Healing Work.

- SONGDANCE Celebrations - prayer dances and heart dances for peace.

- Fire Ceremonies (Havan / Yagyas) prayers and mantras are offered into a sacred fire

- Sweatlodge Purification Ceremonies

- Medicinal Plant (Spirit) study walks

- Organic Superfood & chocolate alchemy workshops

- Concerts and Workshops

- P.A.T.H. -pilgrimage the art of transformation and healing- tours and sacred sight seeing.

(for example to the 5000 year old Stone Circles around Sanctuary for example Haväng)

Annual activities include workshops in healing arts such as massage and other kinds of body work, yoga, chi movements and sacred dances.

The Sanctuary is a haven of sacred music where concerts for peace and healing are held.
Praises and devotional chants from different traditions are sung here.

Different ceremonies such as purifying sweatlodge or Inipi, vision quest and medicine wheel ceremonies linked in with Native American and other Medicine people are held at the Sanctuary.

Earth awareness and mindfulness are featured here to learn how to walk in beauty.
Permaculture and organic gardening are further practical activities linked in with the world wide opportunities on organic farms or wwoof community, (www.wwoof.se).