HAMSA festival




1. Background and Objectives

Considering the economic crisis and rapid changes that the planet and with it humanity is undergoing and the fact that these changes are threatening the survival and well-being of the people, the Trustees of the ”The Sanctuary Foundation” consider that there is an urgent need to establish a Trust, whose goal is to dedicate itself to research sustainable solutions, new exchange systems and ways of how to live in harmony with the environment. This includes the study of the global situation on the planet by statistics and facts around resources, environment, health and culture.

Furthermore ”The Sanctuary Foundation” is designed to preserve, develop and maintain the “Sanctuary” as a sustainable oasis in a nature reserve and a cultural as well as educational stepping stone in the field of sacred music and dance, sound therapy research and treatment, inner world music compositions, performances and recordings, cross cultural exchange, with the aim to establish a model for self-sustained organic gardening and organic seed preservation.

The Sanctuary” therefore will be a meeting place of exploration, practice and education around alternative energy resources, sustainability, new ways of communication, self inquiry, cross cultural exchange, sound therapy, healing arts and a spiritual, holistic lifestyle for inner growth and well being.

2. Aims & Mission

a) to collect funds to purchase The Sanctuary” and other properties in Sweden and abroad to benefit the goals of the Foundation.

b) to develop, practice, research and educate the public about the healing properties of sound, sacred music and movement. Sound therapy refers to a therapeutic method where vibrational sound is used to help the listener to release stresses and toxins on a physical, mental and emotional level. The Trustee Kailash Kokopelli is a pioneer expert in the field of sound therapy and sound healing. The researched method is practiced and taught world wide and at the Sanctuary as an educational platform.

c) to offer training and to promote the practice and education of Healing Arts, such as holistic body work, massage, yoga and chi movements - specifically "KACHIMO – Kailash Chi Movements", a special combination of different traditional and non traditional Chi Gong styles, promoting cultivation of the universal life force or ”CHI” for the sake of self-healing and the stimulation of vitality

d) to educate the public about ancient vernacular forms of medicine from various civilizations and cultures around the world, and to provide knowledge about medicinal herbs, including traditional usage and modern research;

e) to practice and promote environment friendly small scale organic agricultural systems with focus on bio-dynamic farming, permaculture and other holistic growing methods.

f) to research and to offer education around cultivation and preservation of open pollinated organic non-hybrid seeds (organic seed saving and preservation)

g) to study, exchange and support cultures and communities around the world of people, who have embraced a sustainable holistic lifestyle including a healthy diet based on organic foods, natural medicines and mindful practices.

h) to organize seminars, retreats, events and journeys where the above-mentioned disciplines are experienced, taught and practiced.

i) to develop the Sanctuary into an Oasis self sustained by alternative energy technology such as solar and wind power.

j) to support other sacred sanctuaries and sustainable oasis projects around the planet in order to create an interconnected stable network of stepping stones and retreat places in times of global imbalance and challenge.

k) to initiate and support already existing humanitarian projects around health, education, natural medicines, seed preservation, bees and water. (The humanitarian artist and chairman of the Sanctuary Foundation has completed one of more envisioned water well projects for the semi nomadic Himba tribe of Northern Namibia)

3. Goals & Vision

Leave no footprints – walk in beauty.

What does this mean?
a) To practice methods of finding inner balance in order to be in harmony with all of our relations and the environment.
b) To understand that the Earth is not just our Mother but our collective body and what we do to the Earth we do to ourselves and the coming generations.
Therefor it is important to make our choices accordingly with the understanding that everything is delicately interconnected. What we give comes back to us. When we take without giving there will be an imbalance affecting our lives and those who follow.

c) To cultivate and awaken the crucial understanding to make no impact on the environment in order to preserve a healthy environment for the coming generations.
d) To follow the sacred law of life which is the law of love and respect for all living beings in all worlds.
e) To understand that we are guests and visitors on this planet for a limited life time
and that our actions have an impact over 7 generations to follow. This understanding
demands mindful choices and conscious action to preserve a healthy planet for our children. We have inherited everything we have from the ancestors - our great grandfathers and grandmothers who walked the land before us and prepared the way for us to be here now. What do we leave for the children of our children?
f) To develop and preserve the Sanctuary into a self-sustained Oasis and Garden of beauty inspiring and strengthening visitors and dwellers to walk in beauty and apply balance on a physical, emotional and spiritual level in their lives.
g) To cultivate and live the understanding that if we want to survive as a human species we have to become better guardians and care takers of mother earth following the sacred laws of balance, respect and love.
We give what we want to receive for it is in giving that we receive.

The vision is th
at the Sanctuary will be totally filled, emanating the energy of this awareness and mindful practice, so that new visitors will be touched and inspired
to make a difference and preserve a healthy planet for the coming generations.
Responsibility for our actions which effect 7 generations to follow ask for giving our meaningful support and contribution and to live our prayers and what we know is true in our hearts. For the song of heart is the compass for guidance in resonance with the greater symphony of life. All instructions of how to live in harmony with creation is to be found there. Therefor it is crucial to listen deeply and create daily time of self inquiry and meditation. Through this introspection we understand what our true life purpose is and how to make our steps and choices accordingly.
The Sanctuary will provide a permanent as well as temporary space for people to live and practice a life in balance with our planet earth and through this our solar system, galaxy and universe


"How wonderful it was in your presence and in the presence of all beings in the circle of Life. It has meant a very great deal to me to have had the chance to meet you. I come to the Sanctuary and it feels like HOME. You give me strength to walk like a tree and fly like a hummingbird and live in my light. All my hearts blessings for you and all your work!"
(Martin Andersson, Sweden)

"I will carry the Sanctuary concert with me a long time. It was a truly beautiful experience, again: thank you for making it possible!" Peace & blessings Kajsa

"Being at the Sanctuary is like being in another world, closer to the elements of Mother Nature. The peace and quiet here is hardly ever disturbed by the sounds of cars and other machinery. The Wind whispers here softly and the birds sing their praises to the great mystery present here...!"

Friends of the Sanctuary

Friends of the Sanctuary is a support group open to anyone who wants to contribute practically and / or financially towards the manifestation of the Aim & Vision of the Sanctuary and its Projects.

The Friends of the Sanctuary have the possibility to enjoy the treatments, activities & events at reduced costs and will be invited to special celebrations only accessible to our sponsors.

We are looking for investors to buy the Sanctuary Retreat Farm from private ownership into a trust.

This is in order to preserve the Sanctuary and to support it to fulfill its Aim & Vision.

You are invited to ACT NOW and MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

The annual HAMSA Healing Arts & Sacred Music Event

is bringing the Friends of the Sanctuary together in joyful celebration along with international artists and teachers.

Song, Dance and Music is the ground on which we gather here.

In order to maintain the Sanctuary and keep this Ark of Dreams sailing many hands and hearts are needed to contribute with love and action, financially, practically, and with solutions, new ideas and positive thoughts.

The Sanctuary is a place of Karma Yoga and working meditation where we can learn to live our prayers in every day life by being mindful and by learning to walk in beauty.

Every step is a prayer when we walk in beauty and serve one another and the place
so that the Sanctuary can serve all.

Serve and Contribute by becoming a FRIEND OF THE SANCTUARY.

As a friend of the Sanctuary and/or WWOOFer you can come and stay for free in exchange of working on the farm minimum 6 hours a day. www.wwoof.se