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Seeds of Life - for the children of our children


Ops, the ancient earth goddess of abundance & fertility is an embodiment of Gaia,
sacred Mother Earth herself. Life is abundance. Every sunshine, every rainfall, every fragrant flower
and fruit tree and every waterfall sings the song of abundance. Source of life is limitless.
There is more than enough for everybody. The tale of scarcity is a mind-made myth to create competition and war.

If we would learn to share the abundance with all equally no one would need to suffer.
When will we realize that there is only one of us here? We are one human earth family - one organism inseparable from the whole of creation.
We are all related with all living things. Exploitation is born out of fear and greed.
When we learn to understand that the earth is not just our mother but our own body and the body of our children,
we will be abundant without fighting over what is only lend to us during our visit.
Our purpose and richness is in giving - not in taking without giving anything back to maintain balance.

Preserving and maintaining the environment and seeds of life for the coming generations is not just our responsibility but our duty.
Give what you want to receive. We want abundant, delicious organic living food as divine intelligence has originally created it.
And this is what we want for our children. Therefore it is prime time to support and create
OPS Organic Seed Preservation Projects Worldwide in every country and climate zone
to secure the survival of ancient original organic seeds of life.

Even though the global seed vault has been established in Svalbart, Norway -
the need for many more independent seed preservation storage places are of highest
priority for the sake of organic seed survival and therefor the survival of humanity.

We have received many blessings from our ancestors. The grandmothers and grandfathers who walked the land before us
have build our roads, houses, vehicles, machinery, they have preserved and passed on knowledge and seeds throughout generations for us.

What can we pass on to the children of our children and coming generations?
Are we not responsible to do our best for them to be able to inherit the best conditions for their lives?
The basic needs for survival are obviously clean water and air, fertile earth and organic seeds from which
a great variety of nutritious fruits and roots of life can grow.

In these times of global major changes on the planet it is of great urgency to secure and protect our organic seeds
from the influence of climate changes, droughts, floods, earthquakes, pollution and
power hungry multinational corporations trying to control humanity by controlling the food chain and water resources.

It is a wonderful idea to have a global seed vault in Norwegian ice, yet who has the key and
who decides and how will they be accessible for future generations and survivors?
Who will know about it and have the access when needed? Are these seeds organic? What if they dont sprout?
What if contaminated? All these questions show we cant rely on only one global seed preservation storage.

We owe the coming generations great numbers of global seed preservation storages worldwide in every country and climate zone.

The humanitarian visionary and world musician Kailash Kokopelli is initiating a global seed preservation base in South Sweden.
Storage will be an ancient earth cellar in connection with pyramid preservation technology as well as natural and organic preservation methods
such as clay, bees wax and resins.

We would like to ask you for your kind support and donation

Additional expertise, advise and suggestions are welcome.

The Seed Chamber will be initiated in the spring 2010 with the harvested and collected seeds of 2009.

Please contact us on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Seeds, Water, Bees – allies & keys for our survival

Since the beginning of time humans have gathered and collected seeds.

Hunters and gatherers have collected roots, fruits, nuts, berries & seeds for their nutritional and medicinal properties.
Seeds have also been carried for magical purposes, such as protection and as symbols for wealth and fertility.

Seeds have been powdered, sprouted, eaten and planted. Seeds have been exchanged and traded.
Before metals were forged, stones, seeds & shells had been one of the first exchange currencies.
When the nomadic tribes became semi-nomadic and began to cultivate gardens, seeds became even more precious.

It was at that time that messengers between the settled tribes became the seed carriers as well.
They were bringers of fertility by carrying the seeds, and by knowing the songs to awaken the seeds.
Seeds were awakened by the sound of rattles, prayer chants and flute songs.

The bridge-builders & messengers were known, around the four corners of Turtle Island,
as the Kokopelli. They were a clan of world travelers, known under different names in different cultures.

All ancient cultures knew about the importance of the sacred fire, and the sacred seeds of life,
which needed to be passed on to secure prosperity and life for the coming generations.
Thus seeds were exchanged, preserved and passed on through generations until this present day.

Today mad scientists challenge the sacred laws of life by tampering with
the genetic codes, and manipulating the original DNA, in plants, animals and humans.

Unaware of the sacred interconnectedness and delicate balance of all living things, these scientists eagerly take things apart,
unable to see the greater picture.

Lost in the details, and driven by hunger for power and fame, they transgress all borders
in the name of science without respect for life or any ethical values.

Multinational corporations have hired these "experts" in the field of genetic manipulation to create hybrid seeds.
Through genetic manipulation these seeds bring but one single harvest – the seeds of the first harvest cannot be planted again,
because they are infertile, and have no more genetic information to bring another harvest.

Whoever wants to harvest a crop, or grow fruit, must buy new seeds again and again from these power hungry corporations
who aim to control humanity by controlling the food chain and the source of food: seeds.

Besides controlling the seeds, other multinational corporations have bought up most major water resources on the planet –
because without water no life is possible. Water is the most precious of all resources
and many Elders prophesy that future wars will be around water.

Whoever controls the world’s water will be able to control the world’s people.

Hardly any untreated water is available on the market – most waters are micro-filtered, radiated and chemically treated.

Many if not most of us are like slaves of a distorted non-sustainable society.
We are captives in our hamster wheels, barely functioning, drugged with toxic food, toxic medicines, toxic media programming.

The majority of people of the western civilization seem to be unaware that their food does not come from the supermarkets, but from Mother Earth.

Even fewer people realize what the impact will be on our future generations if we don’t preserve and continue to cultivate our
original organic seeds and secure free access to pure water resources.

Ruled and pressured by corporate pharmaceutical, medical and food industries, governments are making new laws,
which prohibit the trading of organic seeds as well as medicinal plants and natural medicines.

Homeopathy, Traditional Chinese & Tibetan Medicine, as well as Ayurvedic and many other natural Medicines have become more and more
restricted because they work too well, for too many people who don’t buy into the toxic blandishments of the Pharma Industries anymore.

With the new consciousness explosion around healthy lifestyle, and especially around healthy organic food
the sales of toxic junk food is going down, which causes the establishment of new laws around food distribution.

The new Codex Alimentarius for example, demands all food on the market – no matter whether it’s organic or genetic engineered –
must be irradiated and chemically treated.

There goes our clean organic food unless we grow it ourselves (which is definately the best option if possible) -
and then we still have to protect it from Monsanto’s terminator germs which travel with pollen in flight from the genetic engineered crop
to the organic crop, and make our organic seeds infertile for future harvest.

Another factor threatening our future survival and production of nourishing food is the dying away of the world’s bees.

The ancient art of bee keeping has become a greedy exploitation which robs the hive of golden nectar, in exchange for sugar water.
By now everybody knows the highly addictive and toxic effect of white refined sugar.
White Sugar eats the minerals and vitamins of any organism, drastically weakening the immune system.

Beekeepers worldwide are helplessly witnessing countless bee nations dying.
Pollution and new diseases caused by humanity is surely one reason.
Nobody thinks of the obvious cause: the imbalance between giving and receiving.

The human mind has programmed itself onto autopilot by its fixation on blind greed.

If beekeepers would leave at least half the Honey, Propolis, and Royal Jelly to the bees, the immune systems of the bees would be boosted,
and could easily fight the diseases, which are now wiping out so very many bee hives.

What few people are aware of is that without the bees NOTHING will grow!

The bees are the essential pollinators between male and female plants, in order to produce any fruit, vegetable or other crop at all.

The bees are sacred.

They are the key for our survival, as are the sacred waters of life, and the sacred original ancient organic seeds of Life.

Let’s protect them, for the sake of our children, and of all future generations !

Help to preserve and protect our ancient varieties, and the many different kinds of organic seeds, for the sake of our children
- the coming generations and their freedom to choose good, healthy food and natural medicines.

The Sanctuary in South Sweden is researching ways to preserve seeds, and aims to create an organic seed bank with a great variety
of many different kinds of seeds of medicinal plants, berries, fruits & vegetables.

Any support, contribution, expertise, donation, or financial or practical assistance is most welcome.

Contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



Open letter to Shell test-drilling for gas in Skåne and other exploiters of resources:

basic scientific and common sense

By now after all statistics, measurements and experiences we know
that the earth is a living organism carrying and nourishing all life forms here.
All (human) beings know earth is our home planet and source of food, shelter
and all the things which are lend to us during our temporary visit.

It is easy to understand that Planet Earth is not just our "Mother" but an extension of our own body.
The Earth is our body - our body is the earth and what we do to the earth
we obviously do to ourselves and the coming generations.
All life is delicately interconnected not just through the breath of life but through
the basic 4 elements earth, water, fire, air.

We understand the importance of clean elements within our own organism and how pollution
and toxicity in earth, water, fire and air compromises our health and threatens our survival.
As for our own "individual" organism so also for the greater global organism of the planet & visa versa.

Therefore we do have the responsibility as guests and temporary visitors to be caretakers and follow
the simple common law of respect for the earth and all living things during our stay.
We have inherited all what is given to us from the previous generations and we have the responsibility
to preserve this planet and its resources for the children of our children and future generations.

The resources of this planet are part of the living organism and by exploiting the minerals, metals, oils, liquids and gases of the earth
we disturb the natural balance and exhaust her organs and the global ecosystem.
The intelligent human being can see that if too much is taken from one end that there will be lack at the other end.
Global changes, droughts, floods and earthquakes are directly linked to the exploitation of resources.

Please consider and reconsider your actions beyond personal and capitalistic temporary benefit.

Since all living things are related and interconnected - by serving the greater good of all we serve
the individual. The real success and benefit comes when we become true caretakers of our environment and the living planet.
The true power and value of the resources only benefits the world
if the resources stay in the earth as part of the substantial organism of our planet earth.

Besides that there is the universal natural law nobody can pass:
it is the common law that our actions will return to us manifold.
And what we plant is what we will harvest.
In the light of this understanding we ask you kindly
to stop exploitation for your own sake and all living beings
and for the survival of all our relations in all kingdoms
and for the children of your children and the coming generations.

Kailash Kokopelli


/ Sanctuary wish list:

- Solar Panels
- Wind powered turbines
- Hand pump
- Greenhouse
- Tractor / snow plough
- Dehydrator
- Food processor
- Bee hives & Bee keeping equippment
- more organic seeds
- donations
- tile oven