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Silence & Stillness

In our world there are very few places where we can experience silence and stillness. Our senses are over stimulated with noise and constant input. Overload of information both audibly and visually is stretching our nervous system often until burn out.

We can get easily exhausted and overwhelmed by our modern lifestyle,
if we don’t have the consequent discipline of personal daily practice through which we can compensate stress and maintain a healthy balance. Meditation and meditative movements such as yoga and chi gong as well as a conscious healthy diet are the basic tools for real well being.

To find an Oasis which can offer nourishing silence allowing us to dive into stillness is precious.
In stillness we can reflect on our lives and adjust our steps in order to reach our goals.
In silence we can hear the true calling of our soul and the song of the heart.

The Sanctuary offers itself as an Oasis of silence due its remote location in the serene nature reserve of South Sweden close to the Eco Park of Christine Hof Castle.

Silent Meditation, Healing Chi Movements, Yoga and Massage is some of the food for the soul offered here besides a healthy organic diet.

The Sanctuary offers a back to basics experience with its wood fired rustic farmhouse ambience.
The music played here is the song of the birds and the sound of natural instruments from ancient traditions which healing effect can be experienced in an individual sound massage or a private sound healing concert.

No distraction or sound pollution from TV or Radio will disturb the peace and quiet of your personal retreat time here.

Use your time for deep self-inquiry or to just simply be.
Quench your thirst with the purest spring waters and drink deeply from your inner source.

Events & Ceremonies

Annual events at the Sanctuary include ceremonies and celebrations of summer solstice and autumn equinox as well as Healing Arts & Sacred Music events.

Native American and other Medicine People visit the Sanctuary on a regular base to share their teachings about the sacredness of Mother Earth in form of Ceremonies around the Sweatlodge, Earth Awareness, Medicine Wheels and other Healing Ceremonies.

International Musicians and Sound Healers also gather frequently at the Sanctuary for Healing Concerts and recording projects. The Sanctuary recording Studio is on its way of establishing itself.

Organic Farm in Nature Reserve

The Sanctuary Retreat Farm is hosting international WWOOFers – willing workers on organic Farms, (or: world wide opportunities on organic farms) who work 6 hours every day in exchange of organic food and lodging. With its organic herb gardens the Sanctuary has its focus currently on medicinal plants but aims to establish Permaculture design Gardens and Organic Greenhouses.

Egyptian Temple Cats

The Sanctuary hosts seven tortoise shell - Egyptian Temple Cats, due to their loving social behavior and healing gifts. Even visitors with cat allergy have experienced miracle healings and improvement of their condition in the presence of the three-colored Sanctuary cats.

Treatments & Healing Arts

The Sanctuary therapies include a great variety of Massage: Healing Hands Massage, Zensual Massage, unique sound massage treatments on a monochord sound-massage table with crystal singing bowls, tuning forks, Native American Flute, Medicine-Chants, Drums & Rattles, as well as Healing Mantras and the profound sound vibration of the Australian Didgeridoo.

Besides the individual treatments there are sound healing experiences for groups.

Lessons and education for Individuals as well as groups are offered in the Healing Arts such as Chi Movements and Yoga. We host occasionally guest teachers and work with the close by Chi Gong Master Marcus Bongart of the Yangtorp Temple & Accupuncture Clinic.

Aim & Vision

The aim of the Sanctuary is to establish an Oasis of self-sustainability as a model
for other small Farms & Retreat Centers. We are working towards 100% alternative energy resources through solar and wind technology as well as compost heat systems.
The more self-sustained with energy and organic food production, the more stable and independent in times of global crisis.

Therefore the purpose and aim of the Sanctuary is to become a social model of survival and functioning practical solutions.

We also recognize the importance of organic seed preservation and are working towards establishing an organic seed bank to preserve great varieties of healthy food resources for the coming generations.

This is a humanitarian project, which invites support both financially and practically.

Friends of the Sanctuary

Friends of the Sanctuary is a support group open to anyone who wants to contribute practically and / or financially towards the manifestation of the Aim & Vision of the Sanctuary and its Projects.

The Friends of the Sanctuary have the possibility to enjoy the treatments, activities & events at reduced costs and will be invited to special celebrations only accessible to our sponsors.

We are looking also for investors to buy the Sanctuary Retreat Farm from private ownership into a trust. This is in order to preserve the Sanctuary and to support it to fulfill its Aim & Vision.

You are invited to ACT NOW and MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

Study also http://www.zeitgeistmovie.com/,


Sanctuary Vision (additional details)

In our times of global major changes it is obvious that the survival of the human race on this planet is only guaranteed when we learn to live in harmony with the laws of mother nature.

The understanding of common sense that the Earth is our body and our body is the Earth - what we do to the Earth we do to ourselves and the coming generations is only slowly awakening in the awareness of the planetary citizens. Everything comes from the Earth and all what is lent to us for a limited Life time is returning to our Mother Earth. We are just guests here visiting.

By exploiting the planet we are exploiting ourselves and threaten the survival of the coming generations.
We endanger our own kind and species. The delicate balance is disturbed by exhausting the resources of the living organism GAIA - our precious blue pearl Planet Earth.

It is prime time to create sustainable Oasis and living examples of healthy organic lifestyle in harmony with Mother Earth. The Sanctuary offers a platform and playground to explore mindfulness and awareness in relationship with the environment and one another.

The aim of the Sanctuary is to become a self-sustained unit powered by alternative energy such as wind and solar as well as Permaculture and organic gardens. We are part of the www.wwoof.se network and host willing workers on organic farms

We are looking for investors and sponsors helping to manifest this vision and contribute to set a living example of self-sustainability in the northern Hemnisphere.

We are also welcoming team members who are multi skilled in the field of living in nature in a quiet retreat cradled in a nature reserve, both solitude and communication with many people, conflict resolution and prayer, administration and gardening, bodywork / therapeutic work and music, cooking and cleaning, yoga and meditation, creativity and contemplation etc.

The Vision of the Sanctuary is to hold a sacred space and to create an Oasis for body, mind and soul. A place where the visitor can be nourished by the beauty and harmony of the place, resting and rejuvenating from a busy life style in society.

A place of prayer and meditation and a playground to learn how to make every action and footstep with reverence.

The Sanctuary is aiming to become a model for learning to be in harmony with nature and the sacred laws of life. It is also a playground for exploring new ways of communication and relating to one another.

The Sanctuary is a place of SEVA which means "service" to create a place in service for the greater good of all. That includes helping to maintain and create a clean and harmonious environment on all levels.
A clean body carries a clean spirit. A clean home invites a clear spirit.

Everything done at the Sanctuary is invited to be offered back to the source, the highest place of origin.
Every action is offered as a prayer in meditation. Therefor the way is the goal and fulfillment is happening by giving. Give what you want to receive. Receive by giving.