HAMSA festival

wanderers of world wide opportunities on organic farms are welcome here

we host work-a-way volunteers and wwoofers - members of www.wwoof.se

7 hrs of work around the garden, house and sanctuary projects are expected in exchange of organic food and simple lodging in dormitory.

this does not include preparing food and cleaning up.

You can find your own rhythm of how to distribute the 7 hrs

Caretakers are expected to bring their own organic food and leave a balanced donation for the stay and use of facilities. Evaluate by learning the accommodation costs and work exchange. Everybody who stays at Sanctuary is expected to leave the place more beautiful then you find it for the next person coming. Every 3rd day brushing and moping the floors as well as shaking out blankets.

The Sanctuary offers rich teachings on many levels and those who are willing and alert can learn a lot here for Life.

If you apply as a wwoofer or want to stay on a work exchange basis please email first full profile along with a photo, your level of skills and experience, the preferred date of arrival and departure (time frame of your stay) as well as your view on life and ethic principles.
If we reply within 10 days the next step would be a skype conference call before confirmation.

We do not accept volunteers who are on any (prescription) drugs, antidepressants or other medication.
The Sanctuary is a drug free zone - this includes alcohol, cigarettes and TV.

We are not a hotel nor restaurant - so please clean up after yourself and come with an attitude to leave this place more beautiful than you find it.
Pay it forward for yourself and the next person.

Its your HOME for the period of your visit so please take care of it.

Practical Sanctuary Guidelines

The Sanctuary is a place of peace & healing.
Please be mindful with your choice of words and transform your anger,
frustration and worries by chopping wood or transforming your destructive power by doing something constructive.

Please do not curse in the Sanctuary.

This is a place of prayer and meditation - listen deeply to the song of heart
and use your time here to dance to the rhythm of that song and apply it to your journey through life.


Gratitude is the key to abundance.

DRINK LOTS OF WATER - The water here comes from a well 80 meters deep and is the purest water you can get. It is healing and refreshing.

Commune with the Angel of water while drinking it. Visualise how it purifies your body, mind & spirit. Say THANK YOU, I LOVE U.

Please do not leave water running unnecessarily when washing the dishes and when showering. Keep your showers short and effective. We are in a nature reserve and have no communal sewage system. Specially during retreats with many people the system is very fast overloaded and flooding when people have long showers. Please also wipe the tiles of bathroom walls & floor dry with wiper since there is not much ventilation and fungus grows fast. Please also clean your hair out of sink and showers.

Please be mindful with Fire. Attend the fireplaces and please do not leave the stove doors open when leaving the room in case of glowing embers or ashes which could be falling out and initiating fire in the house. Please use only paper and kindling to light the fires in the ovens. No other toxic means. The fire is sacred. It is the element which brings warmth, light and transformation. Commune with the angel of fire and say THANK YOU, I LOVE YOU. It can help you to burn up things you have been carrying which dont serve you any more and you can ask the fire to burn up your burdens and worries. Simply exhale it into the fire of brush it off with a gesture or movement. Make a prayer that the divine presence within the fire is helping you to heal yourself.

Please do not leave candles burning - when going outside or going to rest: blow candles out. Try to use the wind generated by the fast gesture of your hand to extinguish candle flame. Use your breath to give life, rather than taking life.

Absolutely no candles in the dormitory please.

Please be mindful about electricity and switch off the lights when you dont need them. Specially when going to bed.

Please be mindful with the doors - specially the main entrance. Keep the doors closed to contain warmth and energy. Doors and windows have become unfitting by wind banging them against their frames, so please be aware of wind and commune with the Spirit of wind and allow it to clear your mind from clutter and blow your worries away, filling you with new breath of life.

In the winter - please heat up only one wood stove when alone - either in the cafe or the living room unless for an event with many people. Electrical heaters in the bedrooms please only in the evening before going to bed to be cozy and warm when resting - when room is warm please turn heaters off during sleep to enjoy the pure fresh air and be able to rest deeper. Safe electricity and be more healthy.

If fuses blow please check in pump house that the water pump is switched on.
You might have to press the green button to start the pump again, otherwise the water pressure will go down to zero and you wont have any water in the house.

Fuse box in food storage.

Garbage is being picked up from the ton at entrance to neighbours drive way. Please dont store garbage in the barn since it attracts mice and rats.
Compost goes into the compost bins and into compost boxes in garden.

The cats are sacred. They are the guardians of the Sanctuary. Egyptian temple cats
tortois shell mix are very social loving cats who bring healing. They are medicine cats who can transform sickness as well. Allow them to give you love & affection and receive your love and affection. During ceremony they are incredible allies and helpers. Feed them once a day with polenta or adzuki beans mixed with tuna or sardines and then give them some fresh "Ströming" fish in the evening and maybe some "Filmjölk" or yoghurt mixed with warm water a couple of times a day. They appreciate food rests from your lunch and dinner.

Dont feed them more. The more you feed them the more hungry they get. The Animal is always hungry. Tame your own animal nature by being disciplined with the cats. The never satisfied always demanding for more animal nature is to be overcome to find peace. Fulfillment can only be found within and by being present moment to moment embracing what is.

The cats live in the barn but do give them refuge in the winter and during cold and rainy days. They can be in the living room with you but not alone. They can be in the kitchen alone as long as there is no food exposed. Keep the cats off the tables. They sometimes become pirates disobeying all rules : )

The cats will always try to get into the house because they used to live in the house. Now there are too many to be in the house all the time. Keep cats out unless you are with them and make sure they shit into the litter box.

BLANKETS. The brown woolen blankets with the fire stripes are ONLY for inside the house and Dome. So are the golden meditation cussions.

The green and grey blankets can be used for outside, preferably in the teepee and yurt only. Please be mindful about blankets lying outside when it starts raining. If you bring a blanket outside - make sure you take it back in.

Keep the house clean. Specially the kitchen, living room and toilets. Daily exercise of karma yoga - offering every action as a prayer to the divine while being mindful and meditative or reciting divine names while doing practical work.
In this way every action is a sacred action and filled with grace.

Karma yoga is
Selfless service to humanity and the greater good of all.
Staying in action while repeating the Name of God.
Doing your very best at work without thought of reward or compensation.
Karma means "action". Yoga means "union with God."

The path is the goal. The way how its done. Not necessarily what is done.

A clean body hosts a clean spirit. A clean house hosts a clean spirit as well.
Please keep the house clean and tidy. External clutter activates and reflects inner clutter.

The Sanctuary is a drug-free zone. No white sugar, alcohol or cigarettes are tolerated here either. The kitchen is meat free. Ocasionally fish is fine. Please only use organic food and detergents, shampoos, soaps, washing powders and washing up liquids.

We are in a nature reserve. The earth is not just our mother but our body and what we do to the earth we do to ourselves and the coming generations.‚

Be mindful. Use your common sense and awareness. Give the best you can give.
Offer everything you do here to the highest. Dont do it for anybody else. Make your every step and action a prayer.

Give always some food back to the earth and all our relations in all kingdoms who have contributed to nourish and sustain you. Right after the food is ready we make a spirit plate before we eat and give samples of the food we prepared onto a plate and offer it with a prayer of gratitude remembering the ones who walked the land before us and the ones who will follow.

You can place it on the stone altar or in the garden near the kitchen.

Mindful eating - try sometimes to eat silently at least for 15 minutes chewing consciously and mindfully. In this way you get the most nutrition from the food.

If you break something - replace it. Thank you.


Peace be with you.